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Gurusoft Ecommerce is integrated with Cloudinary's comprehensive cloud-based image and video management solution.

This combines product information management (PIM), ecommerce, customer service and content management in one cloud service.


  • Gurusoft has developed a leading commercial software platform for ecommerce — Gurusoft Ecommerce.
  • It is a cloud service made for Small & Medium Enterprises — B2B and B2C.
  • Highly scalable and can be adapted to your business (no technological limitation).
  • Leading in terms of performance & personalization.
  • Includes: support, security, GDPR (by desing & by default), guarantees and upgrades.
  • Ecommerce, PIM, CMS, Cloudinary, marketing & sales tools, integration with ERP-systems, etc.


Cloudinary — images & videos in the cloud

Gurusoft takes images and videos into the cloud. We chose to integrate Cloudinary with Gurusoft Ecommerce to create a user friendly service for image and video handling as a part of the ecommerce platform's admin-tool.

Cloudinary is the market leader in providing a comprehensive cloud-based image and video management solution and is utilized by tens of thousands of web and mobile application developers all around the world. Check out their customers...

What's the benefits of Cloudinary?

  • Images and videos is stored in the cloud and always available
  • Easy to upload, save and manage images and videos
  • High speed loading through their CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Images / videos are responsive and optimized



What does everything in one tool really mean?

We did not understand why it was necessary to deal with several tools and platforms for a business to have an online presence. Therefore, we created a platform that could do everything. Built around our ecommerce solution, is services and tools to:

  • create and publish websites and content through a user friendly layout-editor and several design-features.
  • manage digital marketing and SEO.
  • manage and maintain all product information — integrated with desired ERP-system according to your business logic / processes.
  • integrate with other desired sources of product information, such as excel.
  • integrate with desired paymant and shipping solutions from one or more third party systems.
  • handle B2B and/or B2C transactions, as well as integration with distributors / resellers.
  • handle documents and datasheets.
  • search in the site's frontend and backend.

Ready out-of-the-box

Gurusoft Ecommerce is already adapted to best-practice design and integration with ERP-systems. The standard solution covers a typical B2B and B2C ecommerce solution.

When that's said, we have made it easy to adapt the solution to your business, while still keeping maintanance efforts to a minimum.





We are known to talk business. A conversation with us will help you see the world of possibilities to digitalize and strengthen your value chain.

User driven development. Frequent and good communication between customers, support and developers helps us develop user friendly and high-quality solutions.

Expertise and innovation. We are located in Sandefjord, the heart of ecommerce in the nordics, and are passionately developing our products to create success for our customers.

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